One aspiration

Since 160 years the Berger family lives and works on Thurnhof estate.
From Franz Mumelter to Andreas Berger.
Six generations and one aspiration.

The creation of wines with character.

The Vineyard.

A Thousand Years

Churches, castles, manors and a farmyard dating back 1000 years. The area between Virgl and Haselburg Castle is rich of history and mistery. Hundreds of years of winegrowing on the slopes of Virgl – we continue this tradition with enthusiasm.

We work with three vineyard sites.

In Haslach on the south facing slopes of mount Virgl, our vines grow on profound, decomposed porphyr top soil and its roots penetrate down to hit the bottom soil which consists of a thick layer of glacial moraine. Wines from this very warm and sunny site are mineral and delicate with great ageing potential. From this site we harvest fruit for our Goldmuskateller, St. Magdalener, Lagrein, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

In Grutzen, just south of Bozen the vines grow on dry, profound and gravely soil. Several floodings of the nearby Eisack river formed the valley on this site and created an accumulation of myriad rocks of the surrounding and remote mountains (Dolomites, Sarntal Alps and Eisack Valley). The wines from this site are very fruity, soft and approachable, in our case Goldmuskateller and Lagrein.

The vineyard of the highest elevation is planted with most of our Sauvignon Blanc vines, which stand on morain- alluvial and porphyr debris. These are ideal conditions to create a Sauvignon with racy acidity, delicate body, minerality and longevity of a distinctive kind.

The Cultivation.

Respect and Love

Attention to detail and respect for nature influence our daily work.

For wines of best quality we give great attention to the optimal care of our vineyards and gentle procedures in the cellar and we give the vines and wines the time they need to evolve.

We work mostly on steep vineyard sites, creating wines which show typical varietal characters and are true to their vineyard sites: fruity, complex, elegant and mineral.

The Cellar.

Time to evolve

We believe that quality begins in the vineyard. All steps of vinification and matureing lead to bring this quality into the bottle and to balance fruitiness, body, tannins and all other contents of the wine.

Our cellar has been used for winemaking since hundreds of years and desposes of up-to-date equipping. It is separated into three areas and creates a great working environment, where we go through all steps of winemaking – from destemming to bottling.

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Centuries-old viticulture

This fresco from the 14th century can be found in the art historically important San Vigilio chapel on Bolzano’s Monte Calvario. It shows the medieval castle Weineck, a path, a portal and a farmyard on the beginning of the path. Most probably this farmyard was what now is Thurnhof (farm near a tower). The existence of this courtyard had been documented back in the 12th century.

In the middle ages this court was owned by the Bavarian monasteries Schäftlarn and Rottenbuch. Later under emperor Joseph ll many of those monasteries where abolished and the Thurnhof was transferred to the ‘Religionsfond’. One of our ancestors, Ignaz Mumelter from Besenbinderhof in Dodiciville purchased the property in the middle of the 19th century. In the beginning of the 20th century the family ran a successful wine tavern.

Maria Mumelter, the heiress of the winery married Hans Berger of Gries in the 1930’s and after disastrous bomb attacks of world war II the farmyard was rebuilt in the late 1940’s.


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