Tirolensis Ars Vini.

The ‘Tatzelwurm’

In 1994 six ambitious winemakers of South Tyrol merged together to form the brand “Tirolensis Ars Vini – Alto Adige Quality Wineries” to pursue the art of winemaking. Most of those high quality producing estates are run by their owner and are situated between Meran and Bozen.

They are established winemakers with similar approach to quality, which is consistent and revisable followed trough from vine to bottle. Every year a group of wine professionals gather together to blind taste their wines and to approve the excellent quality standard. Only then those wines deserve the ribbon with the Tatzelwurm (a worm-like cryptid) the logo and promise of quality.

The ‘Tatzelwurm’

This mythical creature stems from the mythology of the alps and lives in sunny vineyard sites, nibbling on sweet grapes. The Tatzelwurm embodies the autonomy, transformation and self-assertion of every member of the only quality association of wineries in Alto Adige.


As individualists and members of the TAV, the growers constantly share their viticultural, – oenological experience, develop strategies for marketing and present themselves as a group at national tastings and wine fairs. A wine fest is organized every year at one of the wineries on a rotating basis to show the new vintages and some rare wines, as well as a variety of tipical dishes from the area.

The following wineries form together Tirolensis Ars Vini:

  • Winery Griesbauerhof in Bolzano

  • Winery Ansitz Kränzel in Tscherms near Merano

  • Province Winery Laimburg in Vadena near Ora

  • Loacker Schwarhof in Bolzano

  • Erbhof Unterganzner in Bolzano

  • Winery Thurnhof in Bolzano

Tirolensis Ars Vini Cuvées

In 2000 the wine producers created a wine together and introduced Cuvée Tirolensis Rot a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Lagrein and Pinot.

In 2006 Cuvée Tirolensis Weiss blended from white Burgundy varietals, Sauvignon and Gewürztraminer was born.

Sekt Tirolensis Brut Rosé was the latest release of the TAV using Lagrein as base wine and Sektkellerei Arunda in Meltina cooperated and produced traditionally bottle fermented sparkling wine of it.

Every winery contributed some of their wine to create this special wines which are very unique to Alto Adige.

Cuvée Rot.

The road to discovery

The 6 winemakers brought their best red wine from the cellar. A cuvee from Lagrein, Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Nero.

Tirolensis Cuvée Rot.

A wine with garnet color, parfumed cherry and cassis aromas and elegantly balanced in oak barrels with a big and powerful body.

Diversity is the strength of this wine, full of spice, charm and passion. A wine showcasing the charisma of this six characters.

Cuvée Weiß.

A promenade in spring

The 6 winemakers brought their best white wine from the cellar.

A cuvee of white Burgundian varietals, Sauvignon and Gewürztraminer. A wine of light yellow and soft green color, a complex aroma of blossom, hazelnut and vanilla, pleasant freshness, depth and length obtained by the ageing in large oak casks.

Tirolensis Cuvée Weiss.

Freshness is the strength of this wine. A wine showing multiple nuances of life. A wine reflecting the subtlety of this six characters.

Sekt Brut Rosé.

The newcomer

In 2014 the 6 winemakers introduced their first sparkling wine.

All members picked their best, early harvested Lagrein grapes and produced this fruity and irresistible rosé sparkling wine made with traditional method. A rosé sparkling wine with crisp acidity, long lasting effervescence, structure and freshness. Ready to be enjoyed after 24 months matured in the bottle.

A specialty with character.


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